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Individuals seeking services at Champlain Valley Family Center can expect the highest level of professional care. Treatment for substance use disorders is personalized, respectful, confidential and is designed to implement the best practices in treatment. The staff at Champlain Valley Family Center is dedicated to accompanying, assisting and earning the trust of individuals who seek to take A Step Forward to Recovery.


We recognize that individuals take their first Step Forward to Recovery when they make the initial call or contact with Champlain Valley Family Center. The intake process begins immediately and the first appointment is scheduled as soon as possible. Those who are in imminent danger and crisis are given priority and can expect to begin the treatment process within 24 to 48 hours of the first contact.  Individualized treatment goals are developed as the result of a dialogue between the individual and their primary counselor. Individuals are encouraged to sign releases of confidential information in order to involve family members, referral sources and others in the treatment process. Treatment at Champlain Valley Family Center typically consists of individual, family and group counseling sessions. In addition, those individuals in need have direct access to vocational services and Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). Groups currently offered as part of the treatment program at Champlain Valley Family Center include:

Continuous satisfaction, personal contact and follow-up are hallmarks of substance use disorder treatment at Champlain Valley Family Center. The best way individuals struggling with substance use disorder can learn about the quality of the services we provide is from those who have taken A Step Forward to Recovery with us. Here are comments from past Satisfaction Surveys and from individuals and family members who have allowed us to accompany them in recovery:


Many professionals believe that marijuana can be a gateway drug to other more dangerous substance use. The Champlain Valley Family Center Adolescent Pilot Program is specifically designed to provide treatment for adolescents who experience cannabis use disorder. Referrals are made to CVFC by parents, teachers/guidance counselors, healthcare professionals, law enforcement and community agencies. CVFC counselors utilize the Cannabis Youth Treatment Series as the basis for treatment services with the goal of helping these young people to take A Step Forward to Recovery.

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